Hotshots Dismantle Raiders

After a rather relaxing weekend in HCMC, the Hotshots took the field against an opposing SIFL team in Saigon Raiders. After a rather slow start to the game it was only a matter of time before Hotshots were able to seemingly walk the ball into the back of the net for a 1-0 lead, while our subs were posing for photos on some random persons cell phone. This was really the start to a one sided match that offered no real opposition for Hotshots and ultimately after scoring again, Hotshots changed the dynamic of the formation to try a few players in different positions.

The rest of the game did not bring much more action but there was much better ball movement once the game started to stretch itself out. At the end of the game the score finished 2-0, with Hotshots taking a total of 14 shots, 9 on target. The Raiders were able to get off 4 shots, with 1 being on target.

Now with an undefeated streak of 10 games, Hotshots are focusing on preparation for the league’s start in October and are looking forward to what promises to be the biggest year of football for the SIFL.

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