Saigon Hotshots 1-1 Olympique

Sunday game against Olympique was obviously not the best at all, compared to the last 10 games we have done.

The first 20 minutes were pretty difficult to us. OS was keeping the ball, pushing us, passing the ball as they wanted. We were not keeping our position, we were playing too deep and they were able to do nearly what they wanted to until they started to be tired. In these 20 first minutes, they had a lot of opportunities to score (hit the crossbar once, miss two face to face and two shots at a distance…)
Then, it was a little better. We started to play football, we were not loosing the ball after two or three passes and we managed to be dangerous a few times: Jordy face to face and Laurent shot. These were after simple passes play.

The second half was different. We started to play and to press them more. We were playing much more on the wings and that’s how we were the most dangerous. Even if we were doing mistakes (that we really need to change: bad controls, bad passes because of misunderstanding and non-communication), we were playing a little higher and keeping our position. We manage to score at the good time and then we tried our best to score a second one. Obviously, we wanted more and this is a great thing.

Take note that they did not play a lot this summer and it seems that it was only their second game. They will be much better next time and in better condition.

However, this team was maybe the best we have played against since the end of the season. It is maybe the reason why we had more difficulties also.

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