A good draw for the first match of the season

For their first match of the SIFL league, Saigon hotshots played against a serious pretender: Saigon Saints. We missed a couple of players for this game but Yorro were back after the Saigon moto GP accident from last month. Our captain Fitzie were present as center back, our brilliant 5 midfielders was also there as well as one promoted U18.
As expected the game was tough and as recently our opponent started the match before us and we were down 2-0 after only 10 minutes. We passed the ball well the rest of the first half with maybe a little bit under in our duels.
We had a couple of opportunities by Stan, Kevin, Charly and Jordy but we were not sharp in front of the goal. Apart from that, the referee was whistling at every contacts and it was at our advantages as Saigon Saints soon accumulated numerous yellow card.
After 20minutes of the second half, Saigon Saints defender received a second yellow card and we were award a penalty kick that Jordy transformed.
Playing 11 against 10, we fought until the end and Jordy scored a beautiful lob 5 minutes before the end of the match.
Again we came back after being down and started the match with a stupid handicap. I guess a draw is a good result against a team which is one of the best of the league.
Next match will be against fighting cocks on Saturday night at Phuoc Long A. We won against this team a few weeks ago 6-5 in a crazy match.


  1. hi Sir,

    I’m a expat working at HCM and living at Intercontinental Saigon.Get to know about your team in the website.So as i read thru you are inviting players to join your team to play.Can i join?wany membership requirements?

    Hope to hear from you Sir,


  2. I wish all the best to your football team in HCMC. I know that in Vietnam the people are crazy to watch football in the tv. I used to live there for 6 months.

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