A large victory before an important match against the champion

The 2011/12 SIFL league has got off to a cracking start and this year the Hotshots are more than never eager to prove that they have a role to play in the league as a serious candidate in the fight for the title. The team was so far able to play good football just like their last win 8-2 against Gemadept but was also capable to slip through games supposed to be easy. After 8 games, the Hotshots ranked 4th out of 9 teams, as Fairways withdrew from the league.
So far, the team have maintained a regular starting 11 and was able to acquire automatic reflexes between players with different styles and understanding of football. The Hotshots have found a real spirit, a soul and are aiming toward success. The finish line is still far ahead and it is important to stay right on track.
Next week, they play home against the leader, Olympique, with for main objectives to reduce the point’s differences and to try to outdo the French in skills and wit.
Statistically wise, the team records 5 win for 2 losses and 1 draw. Kevin is the best scorer of the club thanks to his 4 goals last week and seems to be back to the top of his game.
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