Saigon Hotshots stops Olympique winning streak

Last week end match was probably the most enthralling game of the season. Saigon Hotshots was playing against the French side Olympique and sounded like a derby for the 7 Frenchman who started the game in Hotshots’ squad. The game definitely has the intensity and the level of a derby. More than that, it was the opportunity for Saigon hotshots to stop Olympique’s six victories in a row.

The team probably played the best football they ever played since the beginning of the season. We almost did not see any technical mistakes except the one of Charly, repositioned center back, giving the first goal to Faustin Bartoli after 20minutes in the first half. Fitzie, Jordy and Kevin were controlling the midfield while Antoine brought some speed both offensively and defensively on the right wing.

As a matter of fact, the whole team including Philippe, Loic and Miroslav gave 200% for this match and nobody was ever tired of running. We had a couple of opportunities with some long shots from Jordy and Kevin but we finished the first half 1-0 down.

We started the second half with the same hunger than the first half. After a free kick on the left side from Jordy, Miroslav scored by a header for his first appearance and his first ball. The Chilean has been dangerous 2 or 3 other times.

This equalization gave us faith in winning this game. We fell like a draw was not enough at this moment of the game. Ten minutes later, Antoine passed the ball after a throw-in on a left side. With only 3 touches, Jordy gave space to himself for a long shot in the top corner of the net. Beautiful deserved goal and the sixth goal in six matches for the omnipresent midfielder.

The key moment of the match has been the two consecutive yellow cards for Kevin Fox who let us finish the game with only 10 players. Despite playing with 5 defenders the last 10 minutes, Olympique pushed and had 3 or 4 opportunities to score. Charly and Viet saved it but this is Thomas Thiebault who equalized by a header 5 minutes before the final whistle higher than anybody else after a corner kick.

Olympique even had the opportunity the win the game in the last minutes of the game but our goalie Viet was solid until the end which valued him the Man of The match award from our opponent.

The numerous spectators who attended the game enjoyed a lot the show as both team elevated their level of football pretty high. Finally a fair draw for both team who deserved to win.

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