A Fantastic come back!

For their second match of the season against NTV, Saigon hotshots delivered an astonishing team performance coming back from losing 2-0 after 15 minutes.
Before the game, it was decided we would not modified our strategy and we would not be afraid by a very good side who beat us 7-1 3 months ago. However, Yorro substituted Antoine as right back while the young Paul was playing centre back aside Charly as Laurent was also absent.

NTV scored first after a nice pass through from the Japanese Midfielder who was awarded player of the year last season. The second goal from NTV, scored by the same number 9 was obviously offside but it was a warning for Saigon Hotshots that the offside trap would not work with those referees.

Despite being led 2-0 after just 15 minutes, Saigon Hotshots continued playing their passing game. We were also better in all challenges and more physical than our opponent.

Jordy scored his first of his three goal from a 20meter shot with an assist from Fred Martin. A few minutes later after a nice cross from Kevin, our younger player, Philippe smartly passed to Jordy who equalized before half time.

With 2-2 at half time, we were glad we came back and also had a couple of opportunities. NTV could also scored on free kicks as our defense did not let opponent any chances by playing deep and tackling though. Viet, our goalie, was also granted a great performance saving a powerful header of NTV’s japanese striker and numerous other saves staying concentrated all match long.

Our third goal came after a deviated shot from Miroslav. Jordy was following and scored a hat trick and reaching the 2nd rank in the best scorer ranking of the league with a total of 9 goals in 8 matches. Kevin Fox is the third in this ranking. Nice statistics behind the NTV’s Japanese striker who count the amazing 23 goals in 11 matches.

Leading the match 3-2, we were afraid conceding a goal so we did not produce good football anymore. It was mostly challenges and the referee needed to show some yellow cards on both side. However, Saigon Hotshots team spirit and eager to win this game had the most of our opponent and The Haou, Haou, Haou (should ask Yorro how to spell it?) sound of the victory could resonate in the whole district 9!

This victory brings us third in the league, 4 points behind the leader, NTV but with one game in hand.


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