Back on the pitch in 2013

After a much needed Chirstmas and Lunar New Year break Saigon Hotshots have emerged from the ashes reborn with new intensity. The first game back from our break saw us play Olympic De Saigon in a friendly battle that always is for bragging rights. Although we currently sit 1 position below our french counterparts, there might have been confusion about this after watching the game, and for good reason.

Hotshots began the game much like all others, full push and constant pressure. Luckily a night game, this staple of Hotshots play is a great ability and shows the heart of the team after taking more than a month away from the game. That pressure ultimately resulted in a goal before the half time whistle and sent Hotshots into the half with good confidence despite a little bobble towards the end of the half.
There was plenty of other great play that could have resulted in goals in the half from a number of sources, but the passing and mentality of Hotshots was not in question this day. Although Olympic put on a very nice performance, they were not able to connect in the final 3rd of the field, and this ultimately created frustration as Hotshots defenders covered the area.
The second half of the game continued just as the first. Hotshots created numerous chances by being faster, and more active on and off the ball. Forcing mistakes by waiting for opportunities to present themselves, ultimately created another opportunity in the second half that was an easy finish, leading to a 2-0 win at the end.
The result was a much needed victory for the team and management alike, signaling that the changes and training that have been in the works for months are coming together nicely now that everyone is back playing together. Hotshots still have a small chance to challenge for the title this year but it will take a little luck and continued hard work from everyone in order to finish with the strongest possible result out of the last 5 season games.

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