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Hotshots signed Trung, a new center back

A few month ago, Saigon Hotshot welcomed a new talented player. Trung contacted us by mail and rapidly became an important chessman in our squad. With our goalie, Trung is only our second Vietnamese player and we were happy to welcome him in the team.

We hope to welcome new Vietnamese players willing to join the club next season!

Here is a small interview of Trung:

How did you heard about the team?

A friend of my wife who played for a team in the SIFL knew that I was a big fan of football. He asked me to connect with the manager of his team as they were in need of new players, however he forgot to give me the phone number of the guy so I could not contact him right away. Then I browsed the SIFL website to get more information about the league and other teams. Through the “Contact Us” section, I curiously sent a message saying that I wished to join a team of the league. Charly was in charge of the website and he pretty soon warmly welcomed me to attend a trial with Saigon Hotshots to show if I was good enough to join the team! Later I knew he was the football-passionate pioneer who formed the team. Lucky me! That was how it started.

Why did you join?

Like any new players, I was offered to get in a training trial with other players. That night was actually not a training as usually. It was a friendly match against Olympique, one of the strong teams of the league. Our team won 1-0 and later I no doubt felt myself like a link in the chain of Saigon Hotshots. I think this offered me a very good chance to do training and enjoy playing football with foreign friends, thereby enhance my English skills and expand my cultural knowledge. I decided Saigon Hotshots would be a team that I wished to belong to.

What do you like in the team?

The team composes of a mixture of English, French and Vietnamese. Language barrier and cultural differences seem intangible to us since football connects all hearts not only on the yard but also outside in daily life.

It might be unavoidable with conflicts or arguments among the team but sharing the same hobby which is football drag us even closer to each other after that. Having drinks together or hang-out on weekends are also such fun things I do enjoy with the team.

It is worth to add that I love the way Kevin Fox, the captain of the team, show his persistence and passion in trainings and in matches. He’s always put 100% with all of heart, that improves team’s spirit and makes us more confident and collaborative.

What do you think about the league and the team organization?

The league creates great opportunities for football teams to compete for win and to play for fun! We have Charly, Justin and Kevin Fox who have been putting their efforts to maintain such a professional football team. Team members are very passionate and supportive. We play even better when all team members discuss and share thoughts to improve the team performance for next times, then find the best position for each man and the best squad for each match.
Would you recommend your friend joining our team?

-Absolutely! I always want to introduce to the team new good players whom I’ve ever played with and actually I did refer a few players. If the new guy is a good fit, he is very much welcomed to the team.
Are you looking forward Thailand Tournament?

Of course! I hope that our team will have a great performance in Bangkok and get highest ranking. Walking around Bangkok and discovering the city are also what I am looking forward to doing with the team!

Vietnam, Saigon Hotshots center back
Trung with his ex team mates


  1. Hi Charly,
    Are Professional International players allowed to come and trial.. i can send you the dvds videos and see watch.


    1. We are a 100% amateur team. Professional players can train along but they are subject to pay the training and game fee as every members

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