Yorro’s last game

Last week end was Yorro’s last game for Hotshots. He is coming back to France after more than 3 years in Vietnam and a huge involvement in the team.
While we were supposed to play against Olympique in the SIFL league and Yorro was banned, we finally played a friendly game. Yorro scored a penalty while Kevin scored the three other goals. One of them was a magnificent shot from the center lobbing Antoine. The score was 6-4 for Olympique but everybody had fun and demonstrated that HCMC is a great place for amateur football.

Yorro’s feat of arm with Hotshots

  • 10 millions VND lost while he was the team accountant that he has to pay back at the end of the season.
  • The award of the most generous person in the team, not only because of the happiest #Tuktuk in Cambodia.
  • Yorro will stay the man who, like Zidane during his last world cup final, get 3 league games ban as final act.
  • The best dancer of the team
  • The most injured player in the team: A scratch face, a collarbone, a knee. But always on the sideline to support the team
  • The man who recruit as far as in Malaysia for the team
  • One of the veteran having played for les Gaulois de Saigon
  • A man who played all positions in the team because the group always goes first
  • Finally the one that we know will come back to play with us one day or another

We wish you all the best in France.

Mr Phand in Thailand

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