Thailand 2014

Saigon Hotshot could not do as good as last year. The task was tough as we did win the tournament last year. Losing in quarter final against Anatolia, we won the ranking games and finished 5th over the 15 teams engaged in the tournament. However, as usual it was a lot of fun for all members.
7 games: 3 win, 2 draws, 2 defeats, the record is still positive with especially a victory 3-0 against Saigon Saints.

The Saigon Hotshots are now in its 3rd year as a club and our 3rd year in BKK, as a team the previous 2 years we had slipped under the radar. This year Hotshots, being the defending champions, will be approaching this tournament with a new tactic. (simply drink less)

There is no doubt our noisy neighbours The Saigon Saints, will do everything in their power to ruin any hopes of us doing well. Previous years have included Hotshots players being sent into a state of comatose, uniforms being defaced and even stealing property. That said we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Representing this team will be our local keeper Viet ‘oooooooohhhhh’ Trung, an outstanding keeper that has yet to take part in any of our international tournaments where Antoine ‘le hero’ Leporc has filled in. This is a touchy topic. Feel free to ask Antoine any question you have regarding this. He will be the one shouting in French and running very fast down the right wing.

Last year Antoine was donned with the name “le hero”. We were outplayed by Finexsys in the semi-final but somehow managed to hold off for a penalty shootout where Antoine made an incredible save to put us in the final. He became an instant legend. Unfortunately he then decided to leave us and join Olympique De Saigon. A decision he is surely regretting…

Then comes the father figure of the group Loic ‘never getting old’ Deleplace. Now at the young tender age of 48th, Loic refuses to be drafted in the Veterans .A true gentleman on and off the field makes him Mr nice guy in our team.

Drafted in from Olympique De Saigon, Zach ‘would love to be a Hotshot’ Blondeau will be a great addition to the hotshots back 4. He is joining the hotshots as unfortunately his own team are in disarray these days and can’t get enough people together to join the tournament…

Another drafted player is Tahar. A chance meeting through a friend of a friend on a beach in Malaysia, Tahar came into the team last year and tells everyone he is the reason we won. After inviting some of the hotshots players to join his team in Phuket he has a lot of making up to do…

Tristan is also a new member to the team and has been a good addition. He has some good connections in Saigon so if you are ever in Saigon he is your man. He will be occupying the left side of the field.

Also supporting the defensive line is our very own “Beau Garcon”. A very handsome young lad, previously living in Saigon and is joining us from the Philippines. Ladies Stay away Nico has called shotgun!

Speaking of Nico…. Nico ‘you so handsome’ Duterter, will be our wide man getting up and down the wing. Nico was blessed with rugged good looks but God kick him right in the nuts when it comes to his heritage, a mix between German and French, however he is a supper efficient lover. (Just ask Jangee)

Also Across the middle we have 4 new players (all keen to make a name for themselves) and 3 tournament veterans

Joe, Mr ‘EYES ON BALL’ will be easily spotted by his commanding voice. You may have heard him in your own countries already. This guy is seriously loud and is the captain of our domestic team.

Matthieu ‘Iron Man’ Ginstet is the engine of the team. His fitness puts us all to shame and we will be relying on him heavily should any running be needed.

Luis the newest member of the team has come in with a winning attitude and takes winning as serious as partying. This will be his first tournament with the team so we will be hoping with is Hispanic origin he can hold out in the heat.

Our 3 tournament veterans start with Player coach and co team founder, Charly Leporc. Having spent a long time with a reoccurring hip problem (we can only assume this was done in the creation of his baby daughter Lily) he has in recent weeks has hit form from years past. If he can manage to get a good night’s sleep he will be one to watch.

Next is Ryan ‘wik flair’. Ryan was Hotshots most improved player last year and has continued his increase of play on the field. Ryan, without fail, will post on Facebook his performance within at least 5 minuets of the final whistle (Quicker if he scores). He is one to watch on the wings with his long distance crosses, sorry I mean shots….

Our attacking line will consist of two, Kevin “Foxy”, pressing forward from midfield and Fred terrorizing the opposition’s defensive line.

Foxy will be easy to spot as he will spend more time arguing with the ref than playing football and will be sure to mention any goals he may score (in every conversation). Also the co-founder and tournament captain for Hotshots he takes ALL aspect of the weekend very seriously.

Fred is not exactly hard to spot. He is the biggest lad on the team. Unfortunately the best thing he has added to the team is his wife Estelle’s cooking. If we are lucky she may pack some treats for the team to inspire us to a win. As a lone striker Fred will be our target man, give him a yard of space a he will create a chance.

All in all we have a good team and we are hoping to defend our title. That said if we perform badly on the first day it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It just simply means we will do our best to concur the bars of Bangkok at night.

Pictures are on the Club Facebook page, feel free to comments over our performance:

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