2013-2014 Double Cup and League

2013-2014 Season ended in the best manner. Just crowned as the league champion, Saigon Hotshots were participating in the SIFL super cup on June 1st. We continued our streak and stayed unbeaten. We brought back the cup and and proved, if it needs to be done, that we were the best amateur team in Saigon.

Beating Saigon Raiders 1-0 in the final, it was the last competitive game of the season. The opportunity to thanks everybody for this perfect season. Those great successes was the sum of every players efforts along the season. If was great to be part of this experience and we look forward to keep going from October for the next edition of the league!


  1. Nice. well done boys. congratiulations from germany. hope to see some of you in munich for the oktoberfest. go one and defeat the cup next season.

  2. I be commin’ to town soon. You blokes look good. Nice trophy! I am thinkin’ I should join an adversary of yours. Not into bench warming! How do I get into this league?

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