Saigon Hotshots 6 Vs 1 FileString FC

Match Report | Weekday #1:

Location: Santiago de Bernabeu (PLA)
Spectators: 30,958

Match day and this time there is no turning back, the season is starting for real! Few weeks of rainy trainings, friendlies and a good amount of towers down at Sports bar have prepared the team for a good start against the former club of our manager Leo, surely a special game for him.

Overcoming the emotion of the first match, the team focus is intense from the 1st steps during the warm-up and up to the final and now famous Roar “Ahou Ahou Ahou” screamed alongside the public, which attends massively for this opening.

The game starts with pace and with a high team pressure from the team putting their defense into despair. Barely 13’ into the game when a good combination Dom-Clem-Kevin leads into a clinical finish from our #9. Game on. With as much as 80% of possession in the first half, Hotshot is outrageously dominating the game and waves keep coming at the opponents, both from the wings and through the center, from left to right, from top to toe, here and there and so on, they are lost and so am I. The promising association between our #10 and #9 is just too smooth and in a blink of an eye, 2nd, 3rd, 4th goal, 40’ minute, game over, half time. The public just could not believe it, who would have expected such a great start? We certainly did.

Second half starts and it’s about to get ugly but we don’t know that. While we expect a remake of the first half, Hotshots starts to play Arsenal-like and that’s no good, sorry Joe. 17 shots on target, 11 on keeper, and 2 impossible misses. But impossible is not Hotshots and Baptiste, not the fastest but often at the right place at the right time draws the first fire of the second half, 5-0. While our team is slowly stretching and stretching lines, a thunder strike flashes: A screamer of a free-kick by Clem, to be shown in all academies, starting with Fox Football. End of the show, the last 20 minutes are desolation, looks more like Kabbadi than football, the supporters start to leave, but who cares?

Final blow, this is the first win of a great season ahead, a solid collective performance from 16 players which sets us on the right foot for the first big game of the season against RAIDERS next Saturday. The game starts tomorrow at training, see you there!

Clement Lemaire – Mon, Sep 25

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