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Big congratulations to the Saigon Hotshots for winning this year’s Open Tournament of the Far East Football Tournament in the penalty shootouts. Well done to the Bayon Wanderers for reaching the final! A detailed post of the tournament experience will be shared soon!


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Match Report Day 3: Olympique De Saigon 1 vs 3 Saigon Hotshots


The backdrop of Phuoc Long A was the setting for Hotshots versus Olympique De Saigon.

Both teams started strongly, testing each others positions, both pressing and when the opportunity arisen both playing on the counter and attempting to press and hold high in the final third.

This game looked like it was going to be won in the middle of the park and both teams attempted to play the ball wide and penetrate through the channels.

Olympique De Saigon more than held their own for long spells of the first half and were clearly a team that also wanted to win this game badly. However, it was Saigon Hotshots that opened the scoring 32 minutes into the game, with a deflected cross from Benoit to the on rushing outside of the foot from Etienne, who finished with great calm and composure to knock the ball past the keeper and into the net.  This was his first goal in his first match and a huge turning point in the match. Olympique De Saigon gave it a last push before half time butHotshots were able to soak up the pressure, then attack on the counter.

The second half kicked off with the knowing knowledge that Olympique De Saigon would give all they could in the starting five minutes of the second half. With a free kick given with only two minutes of the second half played, the ball was whipped in from the right wing to be met by an Olympique De Saigon player Viet Luu, to knock it past the keeper, leaving the backline to look at each other in dismay.

The spirit and camaraderie of Hotshots again came to the forefront. The tireless workhorses going up and down the channels not only provided options and relief to the back line, but also attacking options going forward for the Hotshots. Olympique De Saigon back line began to tire as Hotshots pressed and with no option of substitutions, this was going to be a huge problem for Olympique De Saigon .Fifteen minutes into the second half, after a goal mouth scramble, the ball broke outside the box to the onrushing Kevin Fox, who hit it low and hard off the inside of the right post and into the net. With wave after wave of attack the Olympique De Saigon goalmouth was then laid to siege and after an inch perfect pass from Simone to Clem, Clem raced through and with an outstretched leg managed to poke the ball past the goalkeeper and with joy the whole team watched the ball roll into Olympique De Saigon’s empty net. With twenty minutes still left to play, only some fine saved from the Olympique De Saigon goalkeeper kept the score down, while at the other end Chris Harris had little or nothing to do.

The fulltime whistle blew, with 5 minutes of injury time played. Olympique De Saigon will be a difficult opponent this season and have a lot more to offer in the following weeks. Hotshots roll onto next week with 100% record intact.

Richard Harcus


Hotshots team in March 2014

Still unbeaten this season so far

Saigon Hotshots are running an amazing streak of victories in the SIFL league since October 2013. This is 6 months without losing a game. On top of this, we are the team who scored the most goals in the league with 29 in just 9 matchs. Kevin Fox scored 18 of those and is far on top of the top scorer ranking as the second one only scored 6. Also best defense in the league, we just conceded 1 goals in their last 4 games.More than numbers, the team is playing well and everybody is enjoying his time in the team. A couple of mates left Vietnam at the end of 2013 but many joined the team and the adaptation of newbies was seemliness. Ally, Flo, Yorro left us but we welcomed André, Cas, Clement, Henri, Luis and Ky.
A special mention also to Charlie, Hugo an Gabby, our U18 wonderkids from SSA who are competing already in the adult league.

Still 7 games to go in the SIFL and hotshots has very good chances to win it for the first time after just their 3rd participation. Nothing is done yet and everybody will give 100% untill the end of the season.

In April, Saigon Hotshots will fly to Bangkok for the GAS tournament that we won last year.

The team is always welcoming new comers so feel to come to training!

Ranking after this weekend games:

Ranking march 2014

A good start in 2013 SIFL league

The league starts well this season fro Saigon Hotshots who are still unbeaten after 4 games. Unfortunately, our first victory 5-2 against Saigon Bizzmen does not count as they dropped the league. Nevertheless, without counting this game, we are second in the league with one game in hand. Our scorer Kevin Fox is in a good shape and already count 7 goals in 4 games.

This season have seen some addition to the team and we are glad to welcome more players from different part of the world willing to join us. Ally, another Tottenham fan,  joined us from China and is leading our training sessions every Tuesdays at 7:30pm. Everybody is welcome to join.

Last weekend, Hotshots confirmed their good start by beating 5-0 Gemadept which previously show good performance against Olympique (2-2) and even a win against NTV (3-2). Kevin Fox scored another 3 goals while Ally scored his second goal of the season and Zugovic his fourth goals in just 2 games.

Our goals last weekend:

First Goal of Hotshots – Gemadept

Second Goal of Hotshots – Gemadept

Saigon Hotshots football in Vietnam

Champion of the 31th Far East Football Tournament in Bangkok

That’s certainly an achievement! Only one year after its founding, Saigon Hotshots won his first amateur international tournament. Bangkok Far East tournament is obviously the most recognized football event in South East Asia. Gathering 16 teams from Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand in the open tournament, the level in undoubtedly pretty high as even ex professional players joined several teams.

thailand253Ranking fifth last year, only five regular players were returning to Bangkok and already knew they would not make the same mistake than last year. Indeed, staying 5 minutes from the pitch, 10 kilometers from downtown would assure us to stay sober until the end of the tournament. Eventually, it indubitably paid off and everybody was 120% for the whole 2days (Justin would have been proud!).


There were there…

The Hotshots Squad in BangkokTo make sure we have a strong squad, we requested the help of the best player of the SIFL with Saigon Raiders a few years ago: Dominic Schaufler. Scoring the equalizer in semi final and two goals in the final, he has been a key player in reaching the final. His mate Nam has also been a great addition to the team while Dao helped us to strengthen our defense on Sunday’s final stage.


CTahar from Kualaoming from Malaysia, Tahar, notably famous on the Island for being the main actor of a pretty well done commercial (google Snake+world cup+Malaysia to find the man) joined the team as a guest star. Recruited by Yorro a few months ago in one of Kuala Lumpur’s darkest club, he ended up keeping clean sheet on Saturday and even score a goal in the quarterfinal.

Saigon Hotshots’s recruitment network is undeniably pretty wide so watch out for this long arm guy with his crazy dancing skills. In this club, he is actually recruiting.


Trung from HotshotsOnly Vietnamese citizen, representing Sacombank (we indeed look for a sponsor), Trung was playing his first tournament abroad. The recent addition in the Hotshots squad barely said a word during the whole weekend. He was surely focus on not letting anybody score. As a matter of fact, he did it well.




The “bouche trou” man, also the one writing those lines played decently. Playing left back, right back, left midfield and a couple of minutes in the center, Charly made the best decision of his football career by not taking the penalty shootout in the semi final. thailand236He notably shot the ball as high as Laurent did last year in the quarterfinal. For my defense, it was not as important as the penalty Laurent missed last year.


Loic our veteran

Completing our defense, our veteran player: Loic still doesn’t want to play the master of the veteran tournament. We cannot tell his age publicly but nobody could even guess it. Running under the sun as he was still 20years old, he would make his young interns at BigC blushing if they had saw him. Playing together for the last 8 years, we finally won a trophy together, Thanks Loic for always following the team. Like Thierry Roland said “On peut mourir maintenant, le plus tard possible mais on peut”. Our English mates will understand when their national squad wins a world cup. Barz, Barz, Barz


Philippe in Bangkok

Philippe, our young virgin soul played all the game of the weekend. Still facing stronger opponent than him, he has been strong and played well as he used to.

Nico dep TraiNico so dep trai (deserved at least likes from 50 em oi on this picture) did not scored this time as he did outrageously in Manilla. Neither on the pitch nor on soi Cow Boy, our Franco-German mate stayed quiet. However, he now has a “pied a terre” in Bangkok and we all know what it means…



Ryan in BangkokRyan eventually got his Mac Book Pro and will rock Saigon with kick ass sound. The weekend mission is indeed accomplished and he actually now only has “twenty dollars in his pocket” and a Thai keyboard computer! This tune has been a pain in the ass for the whole weekend but it will stay as the Hotshots 2k13 anthem in Bangkok.

Alexis Piou PiouThis weekend would not have been the same without Alexis. We had our Raph in Phnom Pen, we had Alexis in Bangkok. Obviously not the best scorer we could find, he certainly scared opponent with his style. Perfect tan, the perfect “meche” and proudly wearing Horacio Caine’s sun glasses while warming up, Alexis was not there to score goals, playing football is another concept for him. We wish you good luck in Paris, you will bring Laurent to the Parc des Prince and tell him that you bring back the cup from Bangkok!

OMr Phand in Thailandur guy from “Ivoirie” unfortunately could not play this weekend. However, his injured knee did not prevent him to dance like crazy on Sunday night and then waking me up to ask for painkiller. Nevertheless, Ivory Coast was represented and a killer he has been on the side. Managing the team and arguing with opponent coach, Yorro also took the best pictures of the tournament for us but also for Olympique that now had the most beautiful Facebook page they even had. Besides, thanks to us, they have trace of their missed penalty shooting.


kevin HotshotsKevin, our captain, made an important decision this weekend. He did not drink more than 3 beers on Friday night. Consequently, he was in shape and played, as he is capable of when he is sober. It has definitely been such a long time we haven’t such a beautiful volley and a smashing header on top of everybody. Notably, Kevin shacked referee hand and seemingly pee on a Saints shirt after we found hair from a Saint’s ass on one of our shirt.



Antoine GoalieLast year, Antoine injured himself for the first game. Changing position to goalkeeper to show off his jump skills (for the picture) and approximate ball catching, he already helped us to reach the final in Phnom Penh last year. This weekend, he is definitely the Hero who brought us to the final after an amazing save in the semi final penalty shootouts. Viet can worry for his position; Saigon Hotshots has two great goalkeepers that Olympique is still trying to recruit.



The last few words will be for our captain Fitzie and this cup is dedicated to him! He could have played the master cup and win it by himself. Fitter than anybody else in the team, our boot camp instructor did not have time to disgust our opponents with his skills. Probably the only way to stop our captain; a French asshole from Hanoi Drink Team headbutted our captain after 5minutes of our first game. We all remember the one from Zidane on Materrazzi during the world cup final, this was pretty much the same move but Fitzie ended up at the hospital for 12 stitches and sadly ended his tournament here.

An amazing weekend to conclude, we all had a great time and look forward for next year edition!

A small recap of our games:

Saigon Hotshots 1–0 Hanoi Drink Team

We have been pretty much disgusted the aggression on Fitzie has only be awarded a yellow card. We continue to play and finally scored 5minutes before the end of the game after a great cross from Yorro for Kevin’s volley.

Saigon Hotshots 1-0 German All Start Bangkok

A pretty good team that reach the final. Very physical, we could have conceded a goal on the numerous set pieces our opponent had in the second half. Nam scored from a nice shot 20meters on the left side of the box. It could have been a cross to Yorro but he missed it and masked the goalkeeper. The ball went in and we were pretty sure to qualify for the quarterfinal.

It was confirmed a few hours later after we learnt than Latini withdrew because they missed to many players. We could rest and prepare for the next day

Saigon Hotshots 4-2 Lunatics Shenzhen – Quarter Final

A disputed game although we were a much better team. Loic scored the first, Tahar the second while Kevin Fox scored the two last one. A great header and an easy one after a great work from Dominik.

Saigon Hotshots 1-1 (4-3 penalty) Finaxys – Semi Final

Probably the best team of the tournament, they eliminated Olympique in Quarter Final after penalty shootouts also. They opened the score with a header after a good run from their fast winger. We equalized soon after with a great movement between Kevin and Dominik. We suffered in the second half and hope that Antoine bring us to the Final. Dominik, Kevin, Tahar and Dao scored while Antoine saved the fourth one from Finaxys.

Penalty saved by Antoine

Saigon Hotshots 2-0 German All Star Bangkok – Final

We found this German team back in the final. Domink scored twice while we missed a couple of other opportunities. We did not play very well in this game but we also were not endangered. The semi final looked more difficult and we finally enjoyed the winning dance from Yorro with the dinner buffet.

Final goal All pictures are available on this facebook album.


Back on the pitch in 2013

After a much needed Chirstmas and Lunar New Year break Saigon Hotshots have emerged from the ashes reborn with new intensity. The first game back from our break saw us play Olympic De Saigon in a friendly battle that always is for bragging rights. Although we currently sit 1 position below our french counterparts, there might have been confusion about this after watching the game, and for good reason.

Hotshots began the game much like all others, full push and constant pressure. Luckily a night game, this staple of Hotshots play is a great ability and shows the heart of the team after taking more than a month away from the game. That pressure ultimately resulted in a goal before the half time whistle and sent Hotshots into the half with good confidence despite a little bobble towards the end of the half.
There was plenty of other great play that could have resulted in goals in the half from a number of sources, but the passing and mentality of Hotshots was not in question this day. Although Olympic put on a very nice performance, they were not able to connect in the final 3rd of the field, and this ultimately created frustration as Hotshots defenders covered the area.
The second half of the game continued just as the first. Hotshots created numerous chances by being faster, and more active on and off the ball. Forcing mistakes by waiting for opportunities to present themselves, ultimately created another opportunity in the second half that was an easy finish, leading to a 2-0 win at the end.
The result was a much needed victory for the team and management alike, signaling that the changes and training that have been in the works for months are coming together nicely now that everyone is back playing together. Hotshots still have a small chance to challenge for the title this year but it will take a little luck and continued hard work from everyone in order to finish with the strongest possible result out of the last 5 season games.

A Fantastic come back!

For their second match of the season against NTV, Saigon hotshots delivered an astonishing team performance coming back from losing 2-0 after 15 minutes.
Before the game, it was decided we would not modified our strategy and we would not be afraid by a very good side who beat us 7-1 3 months ago. However, Yorro substituted Antoine as right back while the young Paul was playing centre back aside Charly as Laurent was also absent.

NTV scored first after a nice pass through from the Japanese Midfielder who was awarded player of the year last season. The second goal from NTV, scored by the same number 9 was obviously offside but it was a warning for Saigon Hotshots that the offside trap would not work with those referees.

Despite being led 2-0 after just 15 minutes, Saigon Hotshots continued playing their passing game. We were also better in all challenges and more physical than our opponent.

Jordy scored his first of his three goal from a 20meter shot with an assist from Fred Martin. A few minutes later after a nice cross from Kevin, our younger player, Philippe smartly passed to Jordy who equalized before half time.

With 2-2 at half time, we were glad we came back and also had a couple of opportunities. NTV could also scored on free kicks as our defense did not let opponent any chances by playing deep and tackling though. Viet, our goalie, was also granted a great performance saving a powerful header of NTV’s japanese striker and numerous other saves staying concentrated all match long.

Our third goal came after a deviated shot from Miroslav. Jordy was following and scored a hat trick and reaching the 2nd rank in the best scorer ranking of the league with a total of 9 goals in 8 matches. Kevin Fox is the third in this ranking. Nice statistics behind the NTV’s Japanese striker who count the amazing 23 goals in 11 matches.

Leading the match 3-2, we were afraid conceding a goal so we did not produce good football anymore. It was mostly challenges and the referee needed to show some yellow cards on both side. However, Saigon Hotshots team spirit and eager to win this game had the most of our opponent and The Haou, Haou, Haou (should ask Yorro how to spell it?) sound of the victory could resonate in the whole district 9!

This victory brings us third in the league, 4 points behind the leader, NTV but with one game in hand.


Saigon Hotshots stops Olympique winning streak

Last week end match was probably the most enthralling game of the season. Saigon Hotshots was playing against the French side Olympique and sounded like a derby for the 7 Frenchman who started the game in Hotshots’ squad. The game definitely has the intensity and the level of a derby. More than that, it was the opportunity for Saigon hotshots to stop Olympique’s six victories in a row.

The team probably played the best football they ever played since the beginning of the season. We almost did not see any technical mistakes except the one of Charly, repositioned center back, giving the first goal to Faustin Bartoli after 20minutes in the first half. Fitzie, Jordy and Kevin were controlling the midfield while Antoine brought some speed both offensively and defensively on the right wing.

As a matter of fact, the whole team including Philippe, Loic and Miroslav gave 200% for this match and nobody was ever tired of running. We had a couple of opportunities with some long shots from Jordy and Kevin but we finished the first half 1-0 down.

We started the second half with the same hunger than the first half. After a free kick on the left side from Jordy, Miroslav scored by a header for his first appearance and his first ball. The Chilean has been dangerous 2 or 3 other times.

This equalization gave us faith in winning this game. We fell like a draw was not enough at this moment of the game. Ten minutes later, Antoine passed the ball after a throw-in on a left side. With only 3 touches, Jordy gave space to himself for a long shot in the top corner of the net. Beautiful deserved goal and the sixth goal in six matches for the omnipresent midfielder.

The key moment of the match has been the two consecutive yellow cards for Kevin Fox who let us finish the game with only 10 players. Despite playing with 5 defenders the last 10 minutes, Olympique pushed and had 3 or 4 opportunities to score. Charly and Viet saved it but this is Thomas Thiebault who equalized by a header 5 minutes before the final whistle higher than anybody else after a corner kick.

Olympique even had the opportunity the win the game in the last minutes of the game but our goalie Viet was solid until the end which valued him the Man of The match award from our opponent.

The numerous spectators who attended the game enjoyed a lot the show as both team elevated their level of football pretty high. Finally a fair draw for both team who deserved to win.