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Big congratulations to the Saigon Hotshots for winning this year’s Open Tournament of the Far East Football Tournament in the penalty shootouts. Well done to the Bayon Wanderers for reaching the final! A detailed post of the tournament experience will be shared soon!


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Bangkok Far East Tournament

This year will take place the 36th edition of the International Far East Football Tournament  ( also known as GAS tournament (German All Stars Tournament ( ) as its organised by the German All Stars Bangkok, this year’s event marks a special celebration as it’s the club’s 50th year anniversary since it’s inauguration in 1968.

On the weekend of April 21st and 22nd 2018, a total of 46 teams will join to compete in three competitions. Once again, the tournament runs at full capacity with several teams on the waiting list.

The International Far East Football Tournament has undoubtedly become the highlight in the international football calendar in Thailand and throughout Asia. Next to teams from Thailand, the German All Stars are happy to welcome friends from Singapore, China, UAE, Malaysia, France, England, Switzerland, Vietnam, Africa and many more. It’s also great to see that the majority of teams have participated for many years and visit us again in 2018. At the same time, we’re happy to meet new teams competing in the tournament for the first time.


IMG_0413Every year, the official opening of the event takes place at the Captain’s Dinner on Friday night before the tournament. All team captains plus another team member per team are invited to join the Captain’s Dinner at 7pm on Friday, 20 April 2018 at a Deutsches Eck on Sukhumvit Soi 20. The team captains are invited to join a full buffet with German delicacies including imported brewed specialties (not more than two reps per team).

We arranged that also all other team members are invited to join the captain’s dinner at the outside terrace where they can follow the drawing of teams via live video screen. Expenses have to be covered by the participants themselves, but special prices for German beers are offered




Open Competition TEAMS (11-a-side)

German All Stars Bangkok Bangkok
Farangutan FC Thailand
SWISS FC Singapur Singapore
Steinert S.C. Germany
Scandinavian Vikings Thailand
Saigon Saints Vietnam
Bayon Wanderers FC Cambodia
Forbidden City FC China
Hanoi Capitals Vietnam
Redstar FC Vietnam
German All Stars Singapore Singapore
Wanchai Spartans Hong Kong
Beijing Rockets Football Club China
B52 Carnegies FC Taipei

Open First Round

Organizer: German Allstars Bangkok , 21.4.2018 09:00 – 16:00 
Bangkok Patana School, Lasalle 105 Sukhumvit, 10260 Bangkok, Google Maps

Duration: 24min

Table Group A

pl Member sp T TD pts
4 10: 2 8 10
German All Stars Bangkok
4 12: 3 9 8
Redstar FC
4 5: 2 3 7
B52 Carnegie’s FC
4 3: 4 -1 3
Wanchai Spartans
4 1:20 -19 0


No. F beginning Gr game Result
2 2 21.4. 09:00 A
German All Stars Bangkok
1  :  1
13 1 21.4. 12:00 A
Wanchai Spartans
0  :  6
20 2 21.4. 13:30 A
Redstar FC
1  :  2
26 2 21.4. 15:00 A
B52 Carnegie’s FC
1  :  0

Open Cup

Organizer: German Allstars Bangkok , 22.4.2018 09:40 – 17:15 
Patana School, Sukhumvit 105, 10260 Bangkok, Google Maps

Duration: 30min

Final round

No. F beginning game Result nV nE
Quarterfinals 1
1 1 09:40
 :  5 nE
Quarterfinals 2
2 2 09:40
Bayon Wanderers
Beijing Rockets Football
 :  0
Quarterfinals 3
3 1 10:15
Farangutan FC
German All Stars Bangkok
 :  1 nE
Quarterfinals 4
4 2 10:15
Hanoi Capitals
Forbidden City FC
 :  2
Small semi-final 1
5 1 11:40
Loser VF1
Loser VF3
German All Stars Bangkok
 :  5
Small semi-final 2
6 2 12:20
Loser VF2
Beijing Rockets Football
Loser VF4
Hanoi Capitals
 :  4 nE
Semifinals 1
7 1 13:00
Winner VF1
Winner VF3
Farangutan FC
 :  0
Semifinals 2
8th 1 13:40
Winner VF2
Bayon Wanderers
Winner VF4
Forbidden City FC
10  :  9 nE
Play for 7th place
9 2 15:00
Loser kl. HF1
Loser kl. HF2
Beijing Rockets Football
 :  5 nE
Game for 5th place
10 1 15:00
Winner kl. HF1
German All Stars Bangkok
Winner kl. HF2
Hanoi Capitals
 :  0
3rd place match
11 1 15:40
Loser HF1
Farangutan FC
Loser HF2
Forbidden City FC
 :  0
12 1 16:40
Winner HF1
Winner HF2
Bayon Wanderers
 :  4


pl Member
2 Bayon Wanderers
3 Farangutan FC
4 Forbidden City FC
5 German All Stars Bangkok
6 Hanoi Capitals
7 Redstar
8th Beijing Rockets Football

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