The Saigon Hotshots International Tournament

Tourmanent 2013The Saigon Hotshots are Vietnam’s Premiere Traveling Amateur Team in S.E. Asia. Now we proudly bring to you the Saigon Hotshot’s International 7s, which is set to be hosted again September 27th & 28th, 2014.

During the 2013 we had a great competition that hosted 22 teams over 2 days, playing 107 games in total. This exciting format was a 1st for some of the Vietnamese teams, but many of the visiting international teams are well versed in the style of play. This year we saw a total of 19 countries represented, and we look forward to getting up to 30 nationalities for 2014.

If you were not able to catch the action at the fields you can check out all the pictures and videos at these links:

In the end 13 trophies were up for grabs and while all the teams had a great time, we congratulate Olympic Oldies and Galaxy FC for taking home the Cups in their respective divisions. There was a lot of fierce action all weekend both on and off the fields, and the result of it all was success! If you attended the event, thanks again for making it amazing, we look forward to doing it again next year too.

Thanks again to all our sponsors for making the event come to life, Viet Capital bank, Saigon Sports Academy, Phattys Sports Bar, Get Fit Gym, Family Medical Practice, Asian Tigers, and Catwalk. Your help has started a regular yearly tournament that the entire country can be proud to host for years to come!

We hope that if you attended, you will also take a minute to complete the survey below;


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